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What is included in Lifetime Access?

Instant 24/7 access to your video library of up to date and relevant procedures. The Normal Procedures along will 2 Supplementary Procedures are available now! As an update to a procedure becomes available to us, we will ensure that the video library is also updated right away.

How did sim4pilots come to life?

“It’s quite a simple story actually. Being a pilot, you often have to search for information pertaining to the job, which is not always available from one source alone. It requires having to comb through all of your operations and company manuals depending on what it is you are looking for. On one particular flight I had, flying the Boeing 737-800 Next Generation, my First Officer and I were faced with a question which required information found in multiple manuals. These manuals included the:
  • FCOM (Flight Crew Operating Manual, which contains Procedures and Systems)
  • FCTM (Flight Crew Training Manual, which contains recommended operating practices and techniques)
  • AFM (Aircraft Flight Manual) and,
  • QRH (Quick Reference Handbook, used for non-normal procedures and manuevers).
After the flight was finished, during the Flight Crew de-briefing, this is when it struck me, wouldn’t it be so much easier if pilots were able to have easy access to some of this information from a single source. It then occurred to me that it would also be beneficial to not only have access to this information in a single source, but to eliminate having to imagine what is actually taking place in the flight deck when switches and levers are being moved and displays are changing during a normal or non-normal procedure. Something like this would greatly improve the learning curve for a new, non-type rated pilot, as well as a seasoned type rated pilot who may be preparing for a line check or even an upcoming recurrent simulator session. This is when I decided it would be a great idea to take this concept and create a video library for B737 pilots with great visuals and narration, making it very easy to put the manuals down once in a while and just watch and listen to information that has been carefully researched and implemented by our experienced team of Training Captains and Line Captains. Sim4pilots is super easy to follow along. It is not your average boring sounding, mono-tone CBT. The videos are well structured, clear to understand and packed with what we believe is fantastic information and knowledge to have when flying the line, day in and day out. We bring what you read, to life!"

Who can benefit from sim4pilots?

sim4pilots was created for anyone who is interested in improving their knowledge and understanding of the procedures used to operate the B737. This can be from a non-type rated pilot joining his first company, all the way through to the most seasoned pilots who would simply like to brush up on their procedures without having to read through the manuals every time. Also, any Flight Simulator enthusiasts who would like to learn more about how to operate the B737 according to the procedures, can also benefit from the extensive video library we have to offer.

What is sim4pilots?

sim4pilots is an online video learning platform, integrating the operations manuals along with important information from other official sources and combining it all into well structured and enlightening video's, creating an extensive video library of procedures for you.

What aircraft types does sim4pilots cover?

sim4pilots focusses on the Boeing 737-800 Next Generation. As the software becomes available to us, we will also be covering the Boeing 737 MAX differences.

Getting ready for an interview or recurrent?

sim4pilots will provide the necessary overview in a relaxed environment for the subjects you'd like to review. Each video contains information from multiple manuals and other official sources, allowing you to spend less time reading and searching for information and more time learning and seeing the procedures in action.

How can I pay?

sim4pilots accepts payments through the use of either credit/debit card or PayPal.

Can I get a refund?

As per the Terms & Conditions, refunds will not be issued once a payment has been made.

Watching Videos VS. Reading Manuals?

We do not discourage pilots from reading their manuals. As a matter of fact, we encourage it. However, many people retain information better through visual learning, so this is just another tool to add value to your learning experience. The videos that we have created, incorporate information from multiple manuals and other official sources, allowing the viewer the convenience of not having to jump from one manual to the next, just to cover one procedure. Just press play and learn. Feel free to open the manuals and follow along. This is the beauty of our library, you get to create your own learning experience with the benefit of seeing what you read, come to life.

What devices can be used to view the library?

Smart phones, tablets, PC's and laptops. Once you have an internet connection, you will have 24/7 access to the videos.

What sources are used to create your videos?

Manufacturer Manuals, Maintenance Manuals and Bulletins.. All based on documented information and whenever this is not the case, it is explicitly stated in the narrative.

Can I download the videos locally to have access without internet connection?

Due to constant revisions, updates and the addition of new content, it would be difficult to control the videos that have been downloaded. In order to ensure that every time you watch a video you are viewing the latest version of that procedure, we have decided to keep the videos available through online access only.

Which Flight Simulator software was used?

The production was created using Lockheed Martin's, PREPAR3D V5 Flight Simulator. The aircraft being used is the PMDG B737NGXu. We will also be using MSFS 2020 with PMDG products as well as X-Plane, using the amazing ZIBO MOD!

How can I access the sim4pilots videos?

Accessing the video library is a very quick and easy sign-up process. You can purchase our one time payment for a lifetime access and you will have full access to the entire library. The library is available 24/7, as long as you are connected to the internet.

What is a Video NOTAM?

A VIDEO NOTAM is the opportunity to share information about a particular video which may require the viewers attention. These can be;
  • Updates, Revisions, Changes or
  • Differences/Discrepancies between the actual systems' behavior, due to software limitations.

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