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We have teamed up in sim4pilots, aiming to provide a well structured, informative and insightful video library for the B737.

  • Currently, only the NORMAL PROCEDURES library is published, which includes information from multiple operations manuals, as well as other official sources.
  • The upcoming releases of NON-NORMAL, SUPPLEMENTARY and additional PROCEDURES such as different types of approaches, will also be based, as a principle, on official documentation, manuals, and sources. Any deviation from the above will be clearly mentioned in the videos.
  • New videos will be released every few months, which can be confirmed through the RECENT UPDATES section, or through E-MAIL if you have signed up, or are a subscribed member.
  • The NON-NORMAL videos will not be released in any particular order. Nonetheless, the more crucial procedures, for example, the ones containing memory actions and/or addressing loss of critical systems, will be released first.

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