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Did you know that Visual Learning assists in retaining information more effectively than any other method?

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  • sim4pilots has implemented this learning style by creating video footage and graphics, compiling detailed information from the FCOM, FCTM and other sources, to deliver an all-in-one Visual Learning Package for the B737 Procedures
  • We have taken B737 Procedures and added additional and insightful information right from the Operating Manuals, to enhance your viewing and learning experience.
  • These easy to follow along videos with Narratives have been designed specifically to bring the viewers reading experience to life!

It’s as simple as putting the manuals down for a moment and clicking here for a free video.

Only ONE Payment for a Lifetime Access

  • Full Library of B737 Normal Procedures Available Now!
  • Boost Your Knowledge with In-Depth Information!
  • Enhance Your Studying Through Visual Learning!
  • Depictive & Detailed 4K Videos with Narratives!
  • Very Useful For Initial Type-Ratings!
  • Created by Experienced 737 Pilots, for the Pilots!
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sim4pilots boeing 737

Recent Updates

  • 28 Feb

    New VIDEO NOTAM Issued

    New VIDEO NOTAM issued for Go-Around & Missed Approach Procedure video:
  • 12 Feb

    Launch of Website

    Welcome to The Online B737 Video Learning Platform!
  • 12 Feb

    Normal Procedures Released

    Normal Procedures

    • Preliminary Preflight Procedure
    • CDU Preflight Procedure
    • Preflight Procedure
    • Before Start Procedure
    • Pushback & Engine Start Procedure
    • Before Taxi Procedure
    • Before Takeoff & Takeoff Procedure
    • Climb & Cruise Procedure
    • Descent Procedure
    • Approach & Landing Procedure
    • Go-Around & Missed Approach Procedure
    • Landing Flare, Landing Roll & After Landing Procedure
    • Shutdown & Secure Procedure
  • 12 Feb

    New Supplementary Procedures

    Supplementary Procedures

    • Electrical Power Up
    • Electrical Power Down
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